The Bridge Community Guidelines

To enable a successful community, we ask that all members follow our community guidelines

We know you're busy, which is why we created The Bridge — A place where strategy and planning leaders can connect, network, and grow. Whether you’re looking to grow your organization, your career, or your network — the community was created to elevate the world of strategy, planning, & execution.

Here’s how to participate in The Bridge Slack community:

  • Review these guidelines before engaging
  • Ask questions - Actively participate in worthwhile conversations around strategy & planning
  • Help others by answering questions
  • Ask for feedback on projects you’re working on
  • Thank others who take the time to reply to your posts
  • Be helpful, friendly, and encouraging

Too ensure the long-term success of the community, there are some basic rules. We want the community to grow through helpful, fun interactions. Not ones that detract healthy conversation.

The Guidelines

  1. Treat others with respect — keep communication work-safe and refrain from bullying. Abuse, harassment, micro-aggressions, and more are not welcome — this includes (but is not limited to) memes, gifs, comments, discussions, or private messages. Activity in violation of this guideline will get you banned for life. If you ever witness such behavior or feel abused/harassed, please screenshot the issue and send it via DM to a community admin -- Courtney Spohnholz, Jonathan Morgan, or Amanda Ferenczy.
  2. Give more than you take — Don’t treat community members as competitors. Instead of focusing on what you can take from the community, focus on sharing knowledge & experience. If you have cause to help someone out, please reciprocate by sharing help, not just asking for it.
  3. No self-promotion, selling, or spam — This is not a place to sell your services, product, or company. To maintain an honest & open community for all members, we do not allow selling or pitching your products or ideas.
  4. Avoid non-relevant and inflammatory topics — We get it. There are many interesting but polarizing topics and it's tempting to discuss them. If you'd like to discuss them, please take to your personal social media channels to voice your opinions on religion, politics, etc., and keep it off The Bridge channels.
  5. Debate ideas, not people — While we encourage strong & healthy debates, we expect thoughtful discourse. Turning a conversation into a personal attack is not allowed.
  6. Respect other members privacy — Do not talk about other people or disclose the private data and information of other community members. Members may NOT use information shared or obtained via The Bridge to sell or share via other channels. If you witness that behavior, please report it.
  7. Engage with the community — You’re a strategy leader with a wealth of knowledge, so show it off! Follow “The Bridge” on LinkedIn, register as a ‘member’ on LinkedIn, lend insight into the Slack community, or help somebody find their next adventure.
  8. "The Bridge Clause" — There are some posts that may not technically violate a particular guideline, but just don’t feel right in our community. Some things just aren’t relevant, and we’re careful to avoid language & content that don’t serve our community. We may choose to remove posts that we feel risk the quality and experience of The Bridge

We want you to feel welcome in our community! And as a valued member, your input is important. If you notice any violations of these rules, please alert us so it can be fixed immediately. Repeat offenders may be removed from the community without warning. First-time offenders will be warned and educated on proper community etiquette.

In addition to all of this, The Bridge may periodically us your name, title, place of employment, and image in marketing materials. If you would prefer to not be included, please let a community admin know.