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See Jesus – Sermon Series – A Behind the Scenes Look

Here is a behind the scenes look at what you can expect from our new sermon series “See Jesus”

  1. See Jesus: He is God
    1. Text: 1:1-5,14
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is the eternal Word of God. He is God, manifest in the flesh
    3. Key Verses: 1, 14
  2. See Jesus: He is Powerful
    1. Text: 2:1-11
    2. Main Idea: Jesus displays his power and glory by doing his first miracle.
    3. Key Verse: 11
  3. See Jesus: He is The Savior
    1. Text: 3:16-21
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is the savior of the world for all who believe.
    3. Key Verses: 16-17
  4. See Jesus: He Cares
    1. Text: 4:1-26
    2. Main Idea: Jesus goes out of his way to save a woman and her village
    3. Key Verses: 9, 10, 23, 25-26
  5. See Jesus: He is Verified
    1. Text: 5:30-47
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is verified by the witness of John the Baptist, The Father, The works, and the scriptures
    3. Key Verses: 33, 36, 37, 39
  6. See Jesus: He is The Bread of Life
    1. Text: 6:25-40
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is the only thing that can truly satisfy our hunger. Faith is how we partake in Christ – the Bread of Life – but many do not believe.
    3. Key Verse: 35
  7. See Jesus: He Gives Living Water
    1. Text: 7:37-39
    2. Main Idea: Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to those who believe
    3. Key Verse: 38
  8. See Jesus: He is The Light of the World
    1. Text: 8:12
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is the source of light. He illuminates and clarifies life. Note: reference other “light” verses in John since this verse is isolated in this chapter.
    3. Key Verse: 12
  9. See Jesus: He Opens Eyes
    1. Text: 9:35-41
    2. Main Idea: In order to “see Jesus” you must let Jesus heal your blindness. Many don’t let him because they think they can see already.
    3. Key Verse: 39
  10. See Jesus: He is The Good Shepherd
    1. Text: 10:1-18
    2. Main Idea: Jesus cares for his people, and his people know him. He is contrasted with false shepherds.
    3. Key Verses: 1-2, 7, 11, 14
  11. See Jesus: He Gives Hope
    1. Text: 11:17-27
    2. Main Idea: Jesus brings hope into a hopeless situation. Ultimately, our hope is in him and the resurrection by faith.
    3. Key Verses: 25-26
  12. See Jesus: He has Purpose
    1. Text: 12:27-36
    2. Main Idea: Jesus explains why he came. His purpose was to be crucified for the sins of the world. People are called upon to respond appropriately while they have a chance.
    3. Key Verse: 27
  13. See Jesus: He is A Servant
    1. Text: 13:1-20
    2. Main Idea: Jesus gives an example service and tells his disciples to do likewise.
    3. Key Verses: 5, 14
  14. See Jesus: He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life
    1. Text: 14:1-7
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is the only way to God and a future in heaven that He is preparing for us.
    3. Key Verse: 6
  15. See Jesus: He is The Source of Success
    1. Text: 15:1-11
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is the vine we are the branches. Life and success come from abiding in him.
    3. Key Verse: 5
  16. See Jesus: He Sends the Spirit
    1. Text: 16:4-15
    2. Main Idea: Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to help, comfort, convict, guide, etc.
    3. Key Verse: 7
  17. See Jesus: He Prays
    1. Text: 17:1-26
    2. Main Idea: The whole priestly prayer of Jesus praying for his disciples
    3. Key Verses: 9, 20
  18. See Jesus: He is the True Choice
    1. Text: 18:33-40
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is the King and the Truth. Pilate struggles with the choice. The people choose against Jesus and for Barabbas.
    3. Key Verse: 37
  19. See Jesus: He is Crucified
    1. Text: 19:16-30
    2. Main Idea: Jesus is crucified and the events surrounding the crucifixion. It is finished.
    3. Key Verse: 18, 30
  20. See Jesus: He is Worth Believing
    1. Text: 20:30-31
    2. Main Idea: The purpose of the book is to see Jesus and believe in him. Highlight miracles and statements of Christ throughout book.
    3. Key Verse: 31
  21. See Jesus: He Restores
    1. Text: 21:15-19
    2. Main Idea: Jesus restores Peter after Peter’s failure. Peter is told of the things that would happen to him as a follower of Christ
    3. Key Verse: 15, 16, 17