We believe in being real with people. Churches have become increasingly more disconnected from society, and what people are dealing with in everyday life. Our Church is relatable because we love this community and seek to understand where people are coming from. We want to relate to what people are going through. It’s refreshing to have a Church with people and a pastor that you can feel comfortable hanging out with, and that you know will be the same during the week as they are on Sunday.


    • They are authentic
    • What-you-see-is-what-you-get
    • They are culturally aware. They are part of the culture
    • They are easy to spend time with. I like spending time with them.
    • They do not put on a show Sundays
    • What they are during “Church” is what they are all the time
    • They are real people being real with people.
    • True-to-life, Natural, Genuine, Credible, Truthful
    • They are not too cool or clickish. I feel like I could fit in here


We believe in the life changing power of Jesus Christ. The Bible—God’s word—is our source and standard for truth. We will not compromise the message of God in order to become more relevant or acceptable to the world. We believe in a healthy balance between connecting with the culture, and helping the culture connect with God through His son Jesus Christ. You can be sure that when you come to The Bridge you will hear a message that is faithful to God and his word no matter what.


  • They are committed to Jesus above all things
  • They teach the Bible faithfully and accurately
  • They do not water down the truth. Through love, they communicate it the way it is.
  • They connect to the culture but are not compromised by the culture.
  • Trustworthy, dependable, honest, honorable, faithful, consistent, unashamed

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The Holy Spirit

We want the Holy Spirit to be involved in our meetings from start to finish. He helps us worship, understand the Bible, and help one another through spiritual gifts. • Unique: Gifts of the Spirit are taught and encouraged but not overemphasized. • Unique: We are open to the Spirit changing plans and programs. Spirit leading is priority.

The Bible

Everything we do is based in the Bible. We spend the majority of the time in our meetings studying the bible because we believe it’s the word of God, and God can give us direction for life through his word. • Unique: The way we teach the Bible • Unique: The high priority we give to the teaching


Whatever we do in life should be done in an attitude of worship to God. During our meetings we worship God through music and songs. We put a priority on good worship music so that people can connect to God through heartfelt singing. • Unique: Free musical style. • Unique: Not focused on performing, while making sure quality is high.


God’s grace frees us from condemnation and pride. We don’t try to impress God through things that we do, we understand that He is the source of all good things. • Unique: Grace is seen more than just a license. God’s grace is needed for true life change • Unique: Traditionalism and extra biblical rules are not accepted


The reason the Church is still here in the world is to fulfill God’s mission in the world. We reach out internationally and locally to seek and save the lost with the message of Jesus • Unique: Missions is at the heart of the Church. Our goal is to see people connected to God through Jesus Christ both at home and abroad • Unique: Many on the leadership team have personal missions experience


At the heart of any Church community is the relationships the members have with one another. We believe relationships should be more than just casual Sunday morning acquaintances, but meaningful personal connections. • Unique: Hanging out more than just for religious reasons. Having fun together. • Unique: The quality of relationships is more valuable than the quantity of the people


We value excellence in ministry. • Unique: Priority is placed upon doing things the right way. From the worship to teaching and even aesthetic impression, we are always striving to make things better


Young people are the key to reaching this generation for Christ. We believe that the youth should be empowered and enabled to reach their potential. Our Church is a good mix of both young and old • Unique: Allowing younger people to serve in leadership and vision capacities